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Top tips for building your resilience as an adult


Place2Be’s Senior Clinical Consultant Dr Stephen Adams-Langley shares some simple advice and guidance around developing resilience as an adult, whether you’re a busy parent, teacher, counsellor or none of the above.

Life is hard! No matter what our condition or situation, life can be confusing, challenging and exhausting. The pressures on those of us who look after or work with children can feel especially high and finding time in the day to focus on ourselves might sound difficult. However, we can teach ourselves to be more resilient in the face of these adversities and challenges through some simple attitudes and actions. 

Taking steps to look after your wellbeing can help you deal with pressure, and reduce the impact of stress. This is sometimes called developing emotional resilience. Resilience is the ability to roll with the punches and not let adversity define you. 

When adversity does strike, you still experience anger, grief, pain and loss but you can function despite this – and recover. Resilience is something that we can all take steps to achieve and we should all practise.

Here are three top tips for developing resilience:


1. Invest in supportive relationships with family or chosen friends

Friendship is not free. If we spend time supporting others we can hope that they may be there for us inour time of need.

2. Know thyself!

This is emotional intelligence. Self-awareness and self-reflection is valuable and can help us understand our strengths vulnerabilities and needs.

3. Practise self-care

It does not matter what this is as long as it works for YOU. It could be sports, yoga, meditation, knitting or spending quality time with your cat, dog or partner - as long as you feel better and less stressed.


This advice originally featured as part of a presentation on ‘emotional resilience’ at Citi’s offices.

This year Place2Be received support from the Citi e for education programme – a global initiative that has raised over $30m for education-focused non-profits.

Place2Be is also currently Citigroup’s London Charity Partner for 2018/2019 and this partnership is aiming to raise £250,000.  

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