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Rollout of much needed mental health support for children in Aberdeen

It has been over one year since the rollout of Place2Be’s services in schools across Aberdeen, which has so far supported more than 1,500 children, teaching staff and school leaders.

Two young students facing a woman who is smiling at them outside on school grounds. She is wearing a grey vest and a Place2Be lanyard.

Our service in Aberdeen has grown significantly since March 2023, with Place2Be now delivering a full-school service to 16 primary schools in the city. This includes an embedded clinician in each school.  

Throughout the past year, Place2Be has facilitated over 1,000 self-referral Place2Talk sessions for children, and over 100 Place2Think reflective sessions with school staff in Aberdeen. 

The Mental Health Champions – Foundation training programme has been delivered to exactly 402 school staff in Aberdeen, helping them gain confidence in supporting children’s wellbeing. 

Support from the Abrdn Charitable Foundation has also enabled Place2Be to train 15 school leaders as part of the Senior Mental Health Leads programme. The training helps school leaders implement and maintain a whole-school approach, creating an environment where pupils can thrive.

Funding for our mental health services in Aberdeen is provided by NHS Grampian, Aberdeen City Council, Place2Be funders, and the schools themselves.

The work underway in Aberdeen demonstrates the need for services like Place2Be, with embedded clinicians working in 16 schools across the city. Our mental health professionals help create a safe, trusting environment in schools for children to open up about their emotions and challenges they are facing. It’s clear there is a great need for Place2Be’s services in Aberdeen, and we hope we can continue to grow to meet the demand in years to come. Sophia Sives, Place2Be’s Area Manager for Scotland North

Place2Be has supported schools in Scotland since 2001, and currently works with 12 local authorities across the country to provide mental health support services in schools.  

We provide in-school mental health support services in over 70 primary and high schools in Scotland, and outreach services to more than 150 schools. This means we are available to over 60,000 children and young people.

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