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Mental health services for parents and carers in our partner schools

Mental health services for parents and carers in our partner schools

We provide mental health and wellbeing services to parents and carers in our partner schools to help contribute to a whole-school approach to mental health.

Mental health and wellbeing services for parents and carers with a child at our partner schools is split into universal and targeted services

Every parent and carer at a Place2Be partner school has access to our universal mental health services, which includes: 

If a family in a partner school is identified as needing additional support, they may receive a mental health assessment. This assessment allows us to determine if we can provide them with more targeted interventions that might help them. Our targeted mental health services for parents and carers includes:  

Below, you can learn more about our mental health interventions for parents and carers with a child in one of our partner schools. Short on time? Enquire about becoming a Place2Be partner school now.

Are you a parent or carer?

If you are a parent or carer and have a child at one of our Place2Be schools, you can learn more about the services we provide and how we can help your child on our Support for families in Place2Be partner schools page.

If you're looking for parenting support and you don't have a pupil in one of our partner schools, we have lots of resources available in our Parents and carers section.

Online parenting course

Parents and carers at our partner schools can sign onto our exclusive Parenting Smart online course. This course was developed in partnership with experts at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLAM). 

Our Parenting Smart course supports parents and carers by:

  • giving them tools to help them deal with everyday parenting challenges
  • teaching them ways to strengthen their relationship with their child.

The techniques participants learn during this course are based on Place2Be's and SLAM's many years of experience supporting children, young people, and their families.  

97% of parents and carers that participated in our parenting course said they would recommend it to others. Parenting Smart online course evaluation, August 2022

Parents and carers also get access to our Parenting Smart site. There, they can find practical parenting advice from child mental health experts on how they can support their child's wellbeing. 

Parent-child training sessions

Personalised Individual Parenting Training (PIPT) is a parent and child training intervention developed by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLAM). The parent-child training sessions are for primary-aged children, especially 3 to 8-year-olds, who are experiencing conduct, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Sessions aim to: 

  • promote positive child/parent relationships 
  • improve prosocial behaviour (behaviour that benefits others)
  • reduce undesirable behaviour. 
Taking up Place2Be’s offer of Personalised Individual ParentTraining (PIPT) was the best decision I made to help my son Kai and me get a better bond. Jessica, PIPT participant

We offer parents and carers 6-10 training sessions with their child. During these sessions, a trained therapist will coach parents and carers on how to interact with their child more positively and parent more effectively. 


Advice service

Our parent and carer advice service, Parent Partnership, is a listening, consultation and guidance service offered to parents and carers who are identified as needing more targeted intervention following a mental health assessment.

The service involves a family practitioner meeting with parents and carers during and after their child’s Place2Be intervention to review their child's progress.


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