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Our stories

Our stories

Place2Be's work has been transforming lives for over 25 years.

Read the stories of children, young people, counsellors and school staff across the UK.

Children's stories

Boy working on computer

Meet Mohammed

Mohammed experienced anxiety and struggled to leave his house. Seeing a counsellor helped to build his confidence.

Read Mohammed's story

Girl in school uniform looking pensive in corridor

Meet Ceri

11-year-old Ceri was anxious about going to school. Counselling helped ease her worries, and prepare her for secondary school.

Read Ceri's story

Girl on sofa holding her knees looking upset

Meet Charlotte

8-year-old Charlotte struggled to make friends in her new school. Seeing a counsellor helped to bring back her confidence.

Read Charlotte's story

Boy sitting with back to wall looking sad

Meet Joe

After Joe’s parents separated, he felt unsettled at home. Counselling helped him adapt to change.

Read Joe's story

Girl in classroom looking sad

Meet Sofia

After being evicted, counselling helped eight-year-old Sofia to feel supported and cope with the changes in her life.

Read Sofia's story

Schoolgirl sitting at desk looking at camera

Meet Amy

Amy was 11 years old when she met her Place2Be Counsellor. 5 years later, she wrote a letter to her, thanking her for the life-changing support.

Watch Amy's story

Boy outside looking sad

Meet George

After George’s dad passed away, counselling helped him cope with his loss and express his feelings.

Read George's story

Girl looking out window

Meet Poppy

5-year-old Poppy lived away from her parents and wasn’t sleeping well. Counselling helped her to cope with her situation.

Read Poppy's story


Matthew talks about how Place2Be supported him

Mathew's Story

8-year-old Mathew witnessed his mum change due to alcohol. Counselling helped him to feel safe and listened to.

Watch Mathew's story

Counsellor stories

Child playing with multicolored Play-doh

Meet Hayley

Hayley talks about her role as a Mental Health Practitioner in a Primary school.

Read Hayley's story

Counsellor with child playing

Meet Janet

A former teacher on the new things she’s learned about supporting children.

Read Janet's story

Multicolored coat hooks

Meet Pritti

Place2Be school project manager, Pritti talks about her time at Ark Elvin Academy.

Read Pritti's story

Child playing with jenga blocks

Meet Amy

Amy talks about the important role of play in helping to understand what's happening in a child's world.

Read Amy's story

Child with playdough

Meet Cecilia

During her placement, Cecilia saw the life-changing impact of working therapeutically with children.

Read Cecilia's story

Hands of child and counsellor talking

Meet Susanne

Susanne talks about her journey towards becoming a counsellor and the invaluable support she received.

Read Susanne's story

Place2Be room with toys

Meet Chonda

Chonda’s placement taught her about the importance of early intervention.

Read Chonda's story

Child painting

Meet Lisa

Lisa talks about how important the debriefing sessions were during the placement.

Read Lisa's story

Counsellor talking to a child who has hands together

Meet Nikki

Nikki's work with Place2Be has helped to grow her confidence.

Read Nikki's story

School Staff Stories

pencils in pen pot in classroom

Meet Nicholas

Nicholas Hill shares how our Mental Health Champions Foundation programme helped him support children's wellbeing.

Read Nicholas' story

empty classroom

Meet Paul

Headteacher Paul shares how our Senior Mental Health Leads training helped him implement a whole-school approach to mental health in his school.

Read Paul's story

three school staff members completing senior mental health leads training

Meet Kathryn

Assistant Headteacher Kathryn shares her thoughts on our Senior Mental Health Leads programme.

Read Kathryn's story


Meet Emma

Over the past 10 years, Place2Be has helped support the complex needs of the children in our school.

Read Emma's story

Headshot of Rebecca

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca shares her experience as a parent and a school staff member with a Place2Be service in her school.

Read Rebecca's story

Bethan with Welsh Education Minister and Place2Be CEO, Catherine Roche

Meet Bethan

For 10 years, Place2Be has been making a huge difference to our school community.

Read Bethan's story

Teacher tutoring child

Meet Liam

Specialist support has benefited our staff and pupils - and families now engage with the service too.

Read Liam's story

News & blogs

school staff with two primary school pupils, sitting at a desk in a classroom

The impact of Place2Be’s whole-school service on pupils in Salford

One year into the Law Family Salford Research Programme, Area Manager Julia Barker looks at Place2Be's impact in schools.

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primary school-aged children in fancy dress standing in a Children's Mental Health Week selfie frame

“My Voice Matters”: a look back at Children’s Mental Health Week 2024

This year, we encouraged children and young people to use their voices and share what matters to them during the Week.

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Plastic container with 6 pencils inside

Mental health leaders call for more investment in school-based mental health support

In a joint letter to the Department of Health and Social Care, we're calling for investment in school-based support.

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