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Rebecca's story

Rebecca's story

"I’ve seen Place2Be as a parent – and also now in the school where I work."

Rebecca has experienced first-hand the difference that Place2Be can make, as a parent of a child receiving Place2Be support, and as a member of staff in a Place2Be partner school. She shares her experience below.

"I first experienced Place2Be 14 years ago, when my daughter needed support. She was just six, and two of her classmates lost their mums quite close together; she became terrified that she would lose me too and could not bear to leave me.

"The Place2Be counsellor led class groups, helping all the children to talk about and process what had happened. My daughter also had one-to-one counselling sessions – and the change in her was remarkable.

"Just last year she headed off to university (a long way from home!). She was worried – but she used the techniques Place2Be had given her all those years ago to help tackle the anxiety. I went into her room after she left – and found the ‘Therapy Box’ she’d made with Place2Be 14 years earlier sitting on the side.

Now, as Business Manager for a busy local school, I am proud to say we’ve become a ‘Place2Be school’. Honestly, I think it’s the best decision we’ve made. We’ve recently increased the service to three full days per week – and every teacher, every school governor was completely in favour.

"Our Place2Be colleague is a core part of our school team. Every teacher knows that they can refer any child they have concerns over to her – and she will be able to help them. It takes a huge amount of pressure off our teachers – and we’ve seen a massive improvement in the overall wellbeing of the children and staff since Place2Be arrived.

"As we now look to come out of the pandemic, I think we’re in a much stronger position for having Place2Be with us. I would wholeheartedly recommend the charity to every school in the UK."

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