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Statistics and evidence

Statistics and evidence

Our support uses tried and tested methods, backed by research.

We collect evidence and data about the work we do and use it to measure our impact. This helps us to constantly improve our services.

Our work has a profound effect on children’s mental health, illustrated by our statistics. With Place2Be’s help, schools become more ‘mentally healthy’ – and society saves money.

The pupils we support

Last year, 36,565 children and young people accessed a support service from Place2Be. Our one-to-one counselling supported 6901 pupils. Of those receiving one-to-one counselling, many faced challenges which made it harder for them to focus at school:

  • 43% received free school meals
  • 6% are subject to a Child Protection Plan (CPO)
  • 8% were reported to be on a Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) waiting list
  • 43% were eligible for pupil premium.
If you have problems or worries you get a chance to talk to a person you trust. When I grow up I want to help children like Place2Be helps children. 8-year-old-girl

For every £1 invested, our counselling service in primary schools can return £8 to society by improving outcomes for each child and young person, according to research from Pro Bono Economics.

Read the full report (PDF 2MB)

Impact on children and young people

After one-to-one counselling with Place2Be:


of those with severe difficulties showed an improvement in mental health


found it easier to have and keep friends


of those with difficulties exhibited that those difficulties had less impact on their learning

Impact on families

During the 2022 academic year:

  • our Parenting Smart site had 40,000 visitors
  • 900 parents and carers registered for our Parenting Smart – Online Course*
  • 258 parents took part in our Personalised Individual Parenting Training (PIPT).

Impact on school staff

During the 2022 academic year:

  • 511 school leaders took part in our Senior Mental Health Leads (SMHL) programme
  • 17,022 teachers and school staff took part in our Mental Health Champions - Foundation programme
  • 9200 teachers and school staff joined our online community, the Place2Be Staffroom.

*only available to parents and carers in Place2Be Partner Schools.

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