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Kathryn's story

Kathryn's story

Assistant Headteacher Kathryn on completing our Senior Mental Health Leads programme.

The training has helped me see what we need to re-visit, what we need to refresh and what we’ve not covered at all.

Kathryn has been Assistant Headteacher at Spotland Primary School for eight years. She is doing fantastic work in her school community to progress their mental health strategy and support children, young people and their families.

Since completing Place2Be’s Senior Mental Health Leads programme, she has used the FED (Future - Engage - Deliver) leadership model to engage 15 members of staff to join, including the Business Manager.

"Place2Be's Senior Mental Health Training has helped me see what we need to re-visit, what we need to refresh and what we still need to cover, so we can start to look at improving our school development plans. I knew I needed to boost the mental health support team again, and the audit tool has helped me understand what I need to do to move forward."

"Our trainer encouraged me to give myself a longer timescale, so I'm not panicking to get things done. We're enhancing the school's website, and I'm starting to re-write the policy, but I want to get some parent and pupil voice in there."

Feedback helped me understand what I need to do next and what I need to do to develop the rest of the staff.

"Knowing I'm helping others and we've got a mental health support team now means I don't have to do all the work myself. Having the group's support after I finished the course is really useful as you can soundbite off people."

"Overall, I liked the online platform, and the format was very workable. It was a mixture of reading and videos, and good that you could communicate with other professionals to see if something resonated with what you were doing. The group sessions were really useful. Going into breakout rooms to discuss with others in the same situation allowed us to share ideas. It's nice to think you can help other people as well. It's not just about what you can get out of it."

Find out more about our Senior Mental Health Leads training programme and sign up on our Senior Mental Health Leads page.

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