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Mohammed's story - coping with anxiety

Mohammed's story - coping with anxiety

Mohammed was a really anxious child and used to struggle to leave his house. Having one-to-one counselling helped him to build his confidence and talk openly about his feelings. Now a teenager, he looks back on his experience.

In primary school I was really nervous and shy. I wouldn’t do a lot of things and I had a lot of anxieties. I also didn’t really like going out of the house.

I thought that school counselling would be quite dull, and that it would be just talking. But it wasn’t.

My counsellor was really nice, and I could tell her anything about myself and she wouldn’t tell anyone. I knew it would be confidential. The Place2Be session was really good in a way that I could just release everything. I could let everything go.

It made a difference to me afterwards. I told my counsellor about anything that was on my mind, but I realised that I could tell other people too, like my mum. It gave me more confidence, and I was more comfortable about being around loads of people. I could go out and stay with my friends.

It also made a difference to my school work. I was able to answer more in class. I’m smart in maths but I used to not want to put my hand up, even though I knew the answer to a question. I didn’t like people looking at me. I sat there thinking “don’t pick me”. But I don’t mind it now.

In my first year of secondary school I found a new confidence to stick up for myself. I used to let people walk all over me, but this doesn’t happen now because I’ve got the confidence to stop it.


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