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Coalition launches toolkit for psychological therapies training to broaden diversity in the sector

As part of the Coalition for Inclusion and Anti-Oppressive Practice, Place2Be is excited to announce the launch of the 'Race is Complicated' toolkit. This is the first of its kind in helping the UK counselling and psychotherapy sectors better understand and address race and diversity.  

Download the Race is Complicated toolkit

 two young women called Marcelline Menyié and Danielle Osajivbe-Williams who authored the Race is complicated toolkit

The 'Race is complicated' toolkit is authored by two integrative counsellors and psychotherapists, and founders of Routes Therapeutic Consultancy. The toolkit draws on tried and tested theories and practices to offer up-to-date guidance, rooted in the modern world. Following consultation with training providers, tutors and programme leaders, the guide aims to support three key areas of course provision:

  • individual tutors
  • training programmes
  • institutions (senior leadership).
The toolkit will help institutions and professionals free themselves from any expectations on this topic. The vision is to safeguard anti-oppressive practice. We relate, inform, educate and challenge the status quo by improving working cultures. Danielle Osajivbe-Williams, co-author of the toolkit

The toolkit is an important step in increasing diversity in the counselling, psychotherapy and psychology professions by challenging the whole sector to be more inclusive. The interactive PDF has practical tools and approaches to use in the right settings. The toolkit can support with:

  • setting up anti-racism working groups and staff support groups
  • addressing language
  • encouraging trainees to explore their own conceptions.

The Coalition is encouraging all individuals and organisations involved in training the next generation of counsellors and psychotherapists to use this guide. 

Let’s challenge ourselves – what do race and diversity mean to us? Why does it make us uncomfortable? How can we address it in counselling and psychotherapy? We are inviting you to explore introspectively, reflect and contribute towards change. Marcelline Menyié, co-author of the toolkit

The Coalition for Inclusion and Anti-Oppressive Practice

The Coalition for Inclusion and Anti-Oppressive Practice is a group of organisations with a shared mission to improve diversity within the counselling, psychotherapy and psychological therapy professions. Together, they serve to improve the mental health of millions of people in the UK.

The coalition’s focus is to promote inclusive and anti-oppressive professional training, as part of a greater vision to address further barriers to inclusive practice. The toolkit will support this through developing skills, knowledge and understanding for delivering inclusive counselling and psychotherapy training. We are excited to see it in action and believe this is a significant step towards promoting better practices. The toolkit will help broaden the diversity of the professions at every stage from students, all the way to service providers and qualified professionals. On behalf of the coalition, I invite all individuals involved in training the next generation of counsellors and psychotherapists to use this guide and shake up the status quo. Dr Niki Cooper, Chair of the Coalition and Clinical Director at Place2Be

Watch the launch event

Our launch event took place on Thursday 19 October 2023 in Place2Be's London office. We heard from:

They talked about:

  • how to use the toolkit
  • how it came to be
  • the impact of the toolkit on the future of psychological therapies.

The webinar included a question and answer session with the authors.

Watch the launch event

Use the passcode to watch the launch event: Z^99pLwj

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