Children's stories

Read how Place2Be has made a difference to these children.

  • Mathew

    Mathew has first-hand experience of the power of early support for children’s mental health. As a child, he received support from Place2Be whilst at primary school. Now as a Place2Be Youth Ambassador, he has spoken out about the long-term impact of receiving this support at Place2Be events and online.

  • Shannon

    12-year-old Shannon's mum said, "I just don't know what to do anymore, I can't take this every morning." Her daughter refused to go to school so she had to bring her there and back each day, putting a strain on the family.

  • Mohammed

    Mohammed was extremely anxious as a child and sometimes struggled to leave the house. In his final year of primary school he started weekly one-to-one counselling with Place2Be after booking his own lunchtime appointment. Now a teenager, he looks back on his experience.

  • Poppy

    When her mum sent her away, 5-year-old Poppy lost sleep and got angry with classmates. By speaking with a Place2Be counsellor and looking after toys in the Place2Be room, Poppy was able to come to terms with the neglect she experienced and manage her difficult feelings.

  • Sara

    10-year-old Sara was isolated from other children and defiant with her foster carer. By making clay models and talking to her Place2Be Counsellor, Sara’s trust for others grew and she began to flourish.

  • Joe

    7-year-old Joe’s behaviour at school was violent and difficult to manage. Setting clear boundaries with his Place2Be Counsellor helped him feel safe enough to explore his complicated feelings.  

  • George

    When George was 8, his dad was diagnosed with a fatal disease which made him confused and aggressive. Place2Be helped George to cope using art - and continued to provide one-to-one counselling for him and his mum when his dad died.


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