Graduate stories

Read what some of our graduates have to say about their experience of the Postgraduate Diploma, their highlights of the course and how it has shaped their future careers.

Zoe, class of 2016 – now working in schools for her private practice


“What truly surprised me was how well I was supported and the care I was given. I felt truly listened to and nurtured by my tutors, so naturally I echoed that in my work. Place2Be felt like an open door and a creative space that asked me to engage my own creativity and value it.

Place2Be’s ethos is centred on the idea of self-awareness, the therapeutic relationship and play. This works in any setting - I now have the skills to meet a young person wherever they are in the stage of development and the opportunity to work alongside other practitioners who use and are inspired by lots of different therapeutic approaches.”


Billy, class of 2013 – now working as a private school counsellor and Tutor for Place2Be’s Postgraduate Diploma


“Place2Be’s Postgraduate Diploma was incredibly inspiring and a totally new type of learning experience for me. It involves a huge amount of personal development, as every aspect of self is examined and constructed anew. Now it’s a wonderful pleasure to be a Tutor for that very same course that challenged and inspired me all those years ago.

When I accepted my first counselling job away from the familiar world of Place2Be, I had a moment of realisation that I was now out on my own, walking up to a school carrying a sand tray and art materials. But Place2Be’s training taught me to trust in the power of the therapeutic relationship to help children to be resilient and make a difference in their own lives. I'll never forget the courage with which I saw those children and young people battling against unthinkable situations.”


Cherrelle, class of 2016  now a counsellor in a primary school 


“I was bowled over by how interactive the course was. There was paint, Play-Doh, sand – it was an interesting way to learn and a far cry from sitting in a classroom being talked at. When you’re preparing people to support children with social and emotional difficulties, PowerPoints and conversations can only go so far. As a Teaching Assistant, I knew the level of need out there.

I was lucky enough to be offered a school counsellor position at a primary school before I even finished the course. In fact, the role was specifically created for me and built around the skills I gained during my training. I established the service from scratch and 2 years later here I am, working five days a week supporting children. It’s been a steep learning curve but the placement gave me the solid foundation I needed to find my own feet.”


Liz, class of 2016 – now working with children in her own private practice


“Since graduating, I have set up my own counselling practice from scratch, converting a room into a therapeutic space. I now get new enquiries virtually every week! I can deal confidently with parents and tricky child protection cases. Not only that, but the Place2Be assessment forms and questionnaires introduced to us during training have been invaluable in guiding my own assessment of clients’ progress.

From my placement in London to my private practice in leafy Hertfordshire, children and young people face similar challenges emotionally and there is such a need for professional support out there. If you want to join the growing mental health workforce with robust training at your back, I would recommend the Postgraduate Diploma without question.”


Kate, class of 2012 – now working as a Cluster Manager for Place2Be and as a counsellor in non-Place2Be schools


“I remember one child who had previously been referred to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). They recognised that she was emotionally neglected and deprived but after a brief intervention they decided they couldn’t work with her, so my School Project Manager suggested she see me.

I felt hopeless about it at first. I was a trainee – what could I do that CAMHS couldn’t? But even though the work wasn’t easy, we formed a really strong therapeutic relationship. Soon enough, her mother started to see Place2Be’s Parent Counsellor and by working with both of them over the long-term in familiar environments, we helped bring about some really important shifts.”


Hugh, class of 2012 - now working with children, young people and adults in his own private practice


"The in-depth nature of the work was outstanding. It was in the first few weeks of my placement where all of the theory I had learnt truly came alive and it was great to witness that and know that what I was learning was really valuable to the work I was doing.  

The course changed my life, my way of thinking, me as a person, relating to others, but most importantly working with children and young people. It enabled me to draw upon a range of therapeutic perspectives and theories and apply the knowledge to my work. My training has enabled me provide therapy for children and young people, giving them the freedom to express themselves and a place to explore their thoughts and feelings."


Sarah, class of 2010 – now working as a School Project Manager for Place2Be and in private practice with adults


“My training and experience with Place2Be taught me to think systemically, and to treat every child as an individual. The course really prepared me to go out and work in schools, and also to start my own private practice with adults. I still often draw on what I’ve learned about attachment and relationships in my work with adult clients.

I often recommend Place2Be for people considering child counselling – I usually suggest people go on the Taster Day to get a sense of whether working with children is for them. Some people have the misconception that working with children might be easier than working with adults, but that’s definitely not the case!”

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