12-year-old Shannon's mum said, "I just don't know what to do anymore, I can't take this every morning." Her daughter refused to go to school so she had to bring her there and back each day, putting a strain on the family.

Shannon struggled to concentrate in lessons, appeared tearful and anxious, forgot to do her homework and required constant reassurance - sometimes up to ten times a day - from staff to feel 'secure'.

After referral to Place2Be, Shannon saw her counsellor each Monday which helped her to come into school after the weekend. As her counselling progressed, she gained confidence that she could talk about her worries and be heard and her constant need for reassurance lessened.

Shannon's attendance improved from 88.3% to 96.8%. She now has a close group of friends whom she walks to and from school with. She has learned to access support from her peers, family, school and Place2Be, as and when she needs to. She has joined the school drama club.

Mum says "It's amazing not having a daily battle with her about coming into school."


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St Christopher's Primary School

St Christopher's became a Place2Be school because they had large numbers of children with difficult home lives

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