Placement stories

Find out more about Counselling Placements at Place2Be from Sharon, Chris, Steve, Nikki and Faz. 


Sharon Circle         

Read Sharon’s Story

Sharon became a Place2Be counsellor in North West London after seeing an ad in the newspaper. After 9 years, hundreds of counselling sessions and a lot of spilled paint, she’s still learning. 

Chris Plimmer Circle  

Read Chris’s Story

Chris was moved to become a Counsellor on Placement for Place2Be after working with struggling families as a community nurse. Nine years later, she explains why she continues to support pupils in County Durham.

Steve Circle  

Read Steve’s Story

62-year-old Steve supported teenagers throughout his working life. Being a Counsellor on Placement for Place2Be has given him the opportunity to develop his skills as a counsellor with younger children.

Nikki Circle     

Read Nikki’s Story

In her early twenties, Nikki worked in a supermarket and was passionate about psychology but lacked confidence. Being a Counsellor on Placement helped her grow and push herself to take on a bigger role with Place2Be. 

Faz Circle  

Read Faz’s Story

Being a Counsellor on Placement for Place2Be helped 29-year-old trainee art therapist Faz expand her horizons as a therapist. She explains why she thinks Place2Be’s work is so crucial.

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