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Parenting Smart - Online Course

Parenting Smart - Online Course

For parents and carers with children at schools supported by Place2Be, this course will give you extra tools to deal with everyday parenting challenges and strengthen your relationship with your child.


Place2Be has developed this free online parenting course in partnership with SLAM (South London and Maudsley-NHS Foundation Trust). It's based on tried and tested techniques and experiences from supporting children, young people, and their families.

The course is designed to support parents and carers of primary-age children's parenting journey.


Please note this course is only available for parents and carers with children at schools supported by Place2Be. If your child does not attend a school supported by Place2Be, you can discover free expert parenting advice from child mental health professionals on our Parenting Smart website.

Key information

  • Length:
  • 4-week online programme
  • Frequency:
  • Up to 1 hour per week at a time convenient for you

    Start date: 24 September 2024

    Register by: 17 September 2024

Course details

  • 4-week programme, broken down into 15-minute sections to fit around your day.
  • Flexible access to the programme via any device and at a time that suits you.
  • Dedicated Place2Be professional to join discussions and aid online learning.
  • Dynamic and safe learning community offering the opportunity to learn from other parents' and carers' experiences.

The course mirrors our face-to-face training provided to parents and carers in primary schools and is split into six modules. Each module focuses on one parenting skill that will help improve your relationships with your children and respond helpfully to challenging behaviour.


  1. Connecting: How to build a strong bond with your child
  2. Praise & Reward: How to encourage desired behaviours
  3. Selective Ignoring: How to discourage unwanted behaviours
  4. Clear Instructions: How to ensure your child understands what is expected of them
  5. Boundaries and Consequences: How to set limits in advance in an effective way
  6. Time Out: How to manage extreme behaviours


We have based Place2Be’s Parenting Smart – Online Course on the Personalised Individual Parent Training (PIPT), a parent training intervention developed by the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. PIPT aims to promote positive child/parent relationships and has proven especially effective with children between three and eight years old. ​ 

We’ve worked closely with the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust to create this online course so you, as parents and carers, can learn more about PIPT in a convenient way.

What our participants say

"My children are now encouraging me to stay on the parenting course. They must have noticed a difference!"

"This course gave me time to step back and think. It was just the right format, not too much information or too little, and tackled the important parts head-on. Seeing the tools working is rewarding as a parent/foster parent."

"I must be honest; I'm seeing a lot of improvement in my relationship with my children."

"I thought it was enlightening and fantastic, and it made me think and change some of my parenting ways, which I didn't expect."

"This course inspired me. It taught me so much and gave me techniques to help my child and me."

Meet our experts

Our expert team have worked closely with South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust to develop our Parenting Smart course. You can find out more about our expert Parenting Smart team on our Meet our Parenting Smart team page.


Got questions? Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQs) for this course. If you require more information, please email parenting.smart@place2be.org.uk.

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Our free course is available to all parents and carers of children and young people attending a school supported by Place2Be.

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