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FAQs for Place2Be's Parenting Smart - Online Course

FAQs for Place2Be's Parenting Smart - Online Course

Learn more about our Parenting Smart online parenting course

Our Parenting Smart - Online Course will equip you to improve your relationships with the children you care for and respond helpfully to challenging behaviour. Below, we've collated some of our most frequently asked questions about the course.

Do you have more questions? Get in touch by emailing parentingsmart@place2be.org.uk, and our friendly team will be happy to help.


We have three versions of our Parenting Smart course, each one personalised for:

  1. parents and carers of children and young people in Place2Be partner schools
  2. foster carers in Scotland (available for a limited time only)
  3. kinship carers registered with Dundee City Council, The City of Edinburgh Council or Tayside Council on Alcohol's Kith n Kin in Dundee (available for a limited time only).

Are you looking for parenting advice and not eligible to take this course? If you care for primary-aged children, check out our Parenting Smart website. It's full of practical advice and tried-and-tested tips from our child mental health experts.

Visit our Parenting Smart site

Our Parenting Smart course is conducted online via our Hive online learning platform. You'll be able to take part whenever it suits you over the period you are registered for.

We recommend you create a username to preserve your anonymity on the Hive Learning platform.

You will receive details on how to access the course on the first day of the course. Please check your spam inbox if you have not heard from us by then. If you still cannot find the email, please get in touch with us at parenting.smart@place2be.org.uk.

For parents and carers with children in a school supported by Place2Be:

If you'd like to change the term you signed up for, get in touch at parenting.smart@place2be.org.uk. Our friendly team will be happy to help. You can access your course anytime convenient until the end of the term you have registered for.

For foster carers in Scotland:

Unfortunately, you can't change your term choice for our Parenting Smart course for foster carers in Scotland.

For kinship carers in Scotland:

Unfortunately, you can't change your term choice for our Parenting Smart course for kinship carers in Scotland.

Yes, you will be sent a certificate upon completion of the course.

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Parenting Smart for foster carers in Scotland

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Parenting Smart for kinship carers in Scotland

I'm a kinship carer in Scotland
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Parenting Smart for parents and carers at our partner schools

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Improve your parenting with Parenting Smart

Are you a parent or carer of primary-aged children? Our Parenting Smart site is filled with practical tips to nurture your child's wellbeing and guide you in managing their behaviour.

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