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The Art Room

The Art Room is a Place2Be service which uses a unique approach to support children who are facing emotional difficulties. Through art-making and group work, children are able to explore their feelings, express themselves and grow in confidence in a safe, creative space. 

Our Art Room studios are bright, vibrant and inspiring spaces of sanctuary and support within the school.

We work closely with neighbouring schools in Oxford, London and Edinburgh to provide weekly support to small groups of students aged 5 to 16 who would benefit from some time in a positive and creative environment.

Which children attend The Art Room?

Art Room sessions are carefully planned to provide safe, consistent support. With agreement from parents, schools send pupils who need help to thrive at school.

Children who attend Art Room sessions may, for example, struggle with their emotional wellbeing, find large groups of people difficult, require support strengthening their social skills and building trusting relationships, or benefit from a break from school or home. They may also be going through a significant change as a Looked After Child, arriving in the United Kingdom as an asylum seeker, experiencing a bereavement or starting at a new school.

What happens in an Art Room session?

  • Groups of up to 8 children attend Art Room sessions for 1.5 to 2 hours every week for at least a term.
  • Each session is designed to build their confidence, self-esteem and social skills through group discussion, stories, art-making and reflection time. 
  • Working with up to 3 highly-trained staff at a time, they transform an everyday object – such as a lampshade, stool, clock or tray - into a work of art which they take home with them at the end.
  • The subtle therapeutic work gives each child an opportunity to explore their feelings and creativity, while expressing their emotions, developing their social skills and growing in confidence.

What impact does The Art Room have?

When I am in The Art Room, all the bad things fly away” – 8-year-old child

The Art Room was the key that unlocked my daughter’s world. It’s an oasis” - Parent

She is more confident in work and class discussion and finds it easier to talk about her emotions.” - Member of school staff 

Children who attend The Art Room often show improved levels of confidence, emotional wellbeing, better peer relationships and social skills. Read more about The Art Room’s impact >>

When children feel safe and secure and know that they have time and individual attention, the causes of their behavioural issues and emotional difficulties often surface. Through observing and working with these children, our highly-trained staff are able to address these issues in a safe and supportive environment.

Children are encouraged to continue positive changes seen in The Art Room in their wider school life, so they can get the most from their time in the classroom and fulfil their potential.

Want to find out more? Visit The Art Room website or get in touch with us via our Enquiries form.

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