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Tuning In: Mindful Listening

Tuning In: Mindful Listening

Support young people to ‘tune in’ to their emotions with these wellbeing activities by Place2Be’s Art Room and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  

About the project

This creative music-themed project helps young people express how they're feeling using different forms of art. The three activities in the project aim to help children and young people understand how their thoughts and feelings can be communicated, heard, and seen differently by different people.

Download the Tuning In: Mindful Listening activity pack (950kb)


In the video below, Sam Mason from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra introduces the Art Room's Tuning In: Mindful Listening project.


Place2Be's Art Room and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra logo

Place2Be’s Art Room has teamed up with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) to create this activity.

RPO Resound, the RPO’s community and education team, work to ensure as many people as possible can access meaningful music-making opportunities. The team uses music's transformative power to create happy, healthy, connected communities.

Musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra have created three videos guiding young people through each creative activity from the exciting Tuning In: Mindful Listening project.

Wellbeing activities overview

Below, we've summarised each wellbeing activity included in the Tune In: Mindful Listening project pack.

Activity 1: Soothe your senses

We've designed the first activity to teach children how to use mindfulness to ground themselves and help them notice their feelings. Children will set a timer for a minute and use the time to listen to the sounds around them, drawing how they're making them feel.

Activity 2: Hearing what's inside

The second art activity is about using mindful listening to encourage children to express themselves through different art forms. Using everyday objects, children will use different sounds and create visual art of how each sound makes them feel.

Activity 3: Creative exchange

Using music or art as inspiration, the third activity aims to help children:

  • develop an awareness of how they're feeling based on their environnment
  • learn how music and art are connected
  • increase their understanding of how everyone interprets the world differentially.

Music inspiration for activity 3


Art inspiration for activity 3

Abstract art inspiration


At Place2Be, we believe art is a creative tool to develop resilience and connect with others. Our Art Room team are specialists in using art to support and enhance children and young people’s wellbeing. 

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