Postgraduate Diploma

Course Structure 

The Postgraduate Diploma Course begins in September of each year and the teaching for the Masters Year begins in January.

Upon completion of Year 1 and 2, students achieve the award of Postgraduate Diploma and are qualified to be a counsellor for children in any setting. Students then have the option to continue onto the Research Dissertation module in order to be awarded the Masters, which will be taught at Place2Be, with one intake in January.







Counselling Children in Schools 1:  Self, Skills and Theory



Level 7

Successful completion will award you with the Postgraduate Certificate


Counselling Children in Schools 2:  Application and Integration



Level 7

Combined with Year 1's credits - 120 credits will award you the Postgraduate Diploma


Counselling and Psychotherapy:  Research


Level 7

Combined with Year 1 and 2's credits - 180 Credits will award you the Masters


Place2Be run one intake of the Postgraduate Diploma each September.

The 1st term runs from 9.30am to 5pm. 

The 2nd term onwards runs from 10am to 3pm. From this point you will also undertake a placement one day per week in a primary school. You can read mroe about the Placements here.


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