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Grace and Lilly's story

Grace and Lilly's story

Grace and Lilly, both aged 12, held a bake sale outside their house and raised £77.25 for Place2Be. They share their story and advice for anyone considering taking on their own fundraising challenge.

Tell us about the fundraising challenge you took on – how did it go?

"The fundraising challenge we took on was a bake sale where we sold lots of different cakes, biscuits and treats for friends, family and anyone passing by. We had a great time baking all the stuff and counting all the money at the end."

Two girls doing a bake sale

What did you choose to support Place2Be?

"We decided to fundraise for Place2Be because at our age (12) some of the things we are having to deal with can feel quite scary with high school transitions, peer pressure, what others think of you, and this as well as the impacts of covid. We felt that mental health access for children was really important."

We did some research and felt that Place2Be supported a lot of the things our age group are scared of.

Why do you think supporting young people’s mental health is important?

"We think supporting young people’s mental health is important because if they don’t talk about it or get help it could grow and grow and get worse as they grow up affecting their whole lives."

Is there any advice you may give to a young person struggling with their mental health?

"Talking to people really helps. Find a trusted adult or even a friend and tell them what's worrying you before it gets too big."

What advice or tips would you give to anyone taking on a challenge like this?

"Don't be afraid to try something new and ask for help. Have fun and enjoy whatever you are doing."

Inspired by Grace and Lilly’s story?

Supporters like Grace and Lilly help make a real difference to children and young people’s mental health. If you're feeling inspired by their story and would like to find out how you can follow in their footsteps and support Place2Be, download our fundraising pack today.