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The Art Room merges with Place2Be to extend support for pupils’ mental health and wellbeing


The merger will bring together the two children’s mental health charities’ evidence-based programmes to support children and young people in schools

The Art Room has merged with Place2Be to extend and diversify the type of support offered in schools to improve the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families, teachers and school staff.

The Art Room provides a group work intervention in schools using creativity and art to improve the wellbeing of pupils experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties.

Under the merger The Art Room will continue to run its provision from eight sites in Oxfordshire, London and Edinburgh. In the coming months, the two organisations plan to pilot ways of integrating The Art Room provision with Place2Be provision, evaluating the impact to inform future developments.

Catherine Roche, Chief Executive of Place2Be said:

“At a time when the profile of school-based mental health support has never been greater, we are pleased to be able to extend our offering for schools as part of a whole school approach to mental health. There is an obvious and natural link between the work of our two organisations, and we are looking forward to exploring opportunities to integrate more closely in order to support more children and young people.” 

Lisa Harker, Chief Executive of The Art Room added:

“We are very excited by the potential for our two organisations to work effectively together, harnessing the strengths and potential of both organisations to support more children, schools and families in more effective ways.”

Since its inception 15 years ago, The Art Room has passionately followed its goal of providing help for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties through its well-defined programme that uses art-making as a vehicle for its work. The Art Room currently works with 530 children a week across eight specially designed Art Room ‘studios’ in Edinburgh, Oxfordshire and London. Children who attend The Art Room show reduced anxiety, improved emotional regulation, better peer relationships and greater self-confidence; all of which help a child to be more able to learn and to build better relationships.

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