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Activities from the Art Room

Activities from the Art Room

At Place2Be, we believe that art is a creative tool to develop resilience and connect with others.

Our Art Room team are specialists in using art to support and enhance children and young people’s wellbeing. 

These projects offer space to explore a wellbeing theme through creative art activities, stories and conversation. Each project can help children, young people, and adults nurture their relationships together whilst having fun.  

You can use the art and crafts activities provided at home or in school with children of different abilities and ages.

Our Art Room activities

child's drawing of river and sail boat

River Journey

Help children explore their feelings about leaving primary school and starting secondary or high school

River Journey: Moving Up to Secondary or High School

bird's-eye view of classroom table covered in colourful arts supplies

Playful Patterns: Connecting With Others

This creative wellbeing activity, designed alongside CREDU and MYTIME Young Carers, helps primary-aged children unwind, have fun, and connect with others.

Playful Patterns: Connecting With Others

children's painting of an artist palette

My Colour Palette: Exploring Feelings

We designed this wellbeing activity to help primary-aged children develop their emotional literacy. The project gives children an opportunity to think together about how we express our feelings in different ways.

My Colour Palette: Exploring Feelings Wellbeing Activity

child's painting of trees and house

Calm: Soothing Worries

This activity pack provides creative ways to help primary-aged children calm their worries by settling their thoughts, grounding themselves, and exploring how to share their feelings with someone they trust.

Calm: Soothing Worries

Tuning In Mindful Listening

Tuning In: Mindful Listening

Developed in conjunction with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, this project helps young people listen mindfully to how they feel and express themselves through music and art.

Tuning In: Mindful Listening

close up image of pea shoots

The Creative Gardener: Nurturing Self-Belief

Nurture children’s self-belief with this wellbeing activity by developed in conjunction with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Campaign for School Gardening.

The Creative Gardener: Nurturing Self-Belief

Space Art Room Placeholder

Space: Navigating Friendships

This Space project offers an opportunity to explore themes of friendship and belonging through an easy art activity.

Download our Space Project (PDF 1.7MB)

Drawing of hand passing a baton to another hand

Celebrating Diversity

Discover our collection of resources designed to help children and young people explore themes of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Celebrating Diversity - creative projects from Place2Be's Art Room

Painting of a scene outside a window, with the sunshine, a raincloud and wind

Weather: Noticing Feelings

This project supports children to understand and express their feelings through art activities with the theme of weather, with inspiration from artist Xavi Art.

Weather: Noticing Feelings

Children's artwork of lion, cupcakes, football and other shapes

Portals: Exploring Changes

Developed with CBBC's Art Ninja and Place2Be Champion Ricky Martin, this project is designed to support children going through changes in their lives.

Portals: Exploring Changes

Painting of rainbow

Growth (in partnership with WWF)

This project provides a supportive space to think about and explore children’s feelings through an art activity by taking children on a journey through nature.

Download our Growth project (1.2 MB)

5 hands painting a rainbow

Keyworkers: Paper Links

This fun activity and video provide creative ways to explore how parents and children can stay connected even when spending time apart.

Art Room Paper Links Project

Child drawing with mum by her side

Activity ideas for families

We've recommended a range of activities that families can do together at home to improve their wellbeing.

Wellbeing resources for families