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Andrea's story

Andrea's story

In 2018, Andrea faced her fears and completed her first skydive after losing her sister-in-law to suicide, raising £985 for Place2Be. Here, she shares her story about how receiving mental health support early in life can make a real difference.

Tell us a little more about your challenge.

"I have always wanted to skydive but had been too scared to arrange it, but when I knew I wanted to fundraise for Place2Be, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Going up in the aeroplane and waiting at the edge of the door, ready to jump out, the thoughts of how Place2Be's work would help children and young people kept me going and made me do it."

Why did you choose to support Place2Be?

"I lost my sister-in-law in 2014 to suicide (my husband's sister). She was 30 years old at the time. The stigma around mental health only started to be challenged when she passed away. The Heads Together campaign led by the Princess of Wales and the Duke of Sussex has been fundamental in putting mental health on a national agenda."

To hear of the struggles she went through before passing away made me realise just how vital early intervention and prevention support is at an early age.

"I found out about Place2Be through seeing on the news about the Princess of Wales being their patron. When I read more about their work, I was blown away by their work for children, parents, and carers."

Tell us about your fundraising challenge – how did it go?

"The sense of freedom and flying was the best part of the experience. I felt like I was literally on top of the world. It was an emotional experience. Even as I was free-falling, I knew my sister-in-law would be so proud and that something positive had come from the most devastating circumstances."

Andrea skydiving mid-air

What advice or tips would you give anyone taking on a challenge like this?

"Do it - don't let the fear stop you. The sense of helping these children will get you through any fear. It was so much fun, and I would encourage anyone to do one."

Does Andrea's story inspire you? 

Supporters like Andrea help to make a real difference to children's and young people's mental health. If you're feeling inspired by Andrea's story and want to see how you can follow in her footsteps and support Place2Be, learn more about how you can take part in an event.