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Jasmine's fundraising swim-a-thon story

Jasmine's fundraising swim-a-thon story

Meet Jasmine, a remarkable 8-year-old girl, who has undertaken some incredible challenges to raise money for children's mental health.

Jasmine’s achievements at such a young age demonstrate that the smallest actions can move mountains. From swimming as far as she could, to advocating for children's mental health in her school, Jasmine is a true champion for children’s mental health.

This year, Jasmine took her compassionate spirit to school. On top of a challenging swim-a-thon fundraiser for Place2Be, she also spread kindness and positive wellbeing with her whole school.

Jasmine wanted to push herself and decided to swim as far as she could in the pool throughout Children’s Mental Health Week. Due to all her lengths, she managed to raise a whopping £240! This could allow more than four children to have a 50-minute one-to-one session with a counsellor.

But she did not stop there, Jasmine also wrote out over 100 heartfelt post-it notes, such as: ‘You are special’ and: ‘You are unique’. Each note carried a powerful affirmation and kind words to remind her friends just how special they are. Additionally, she created an affirmation station for her Brownie group. At the station, she encouraged the girls to identify qualities they recognised in themselves and choose affirmations about their strengths.

post-it note saying 'You are special'

But this is not the first time that Jasmine has supported Place2Be. During Children’s Mental Health Week 2021, she walked an impressive 31 miles dressed in uplifting costumes at just 6 years old. Her goal was to raise funds for children’s mental health, and she succeeded in raising a phenomenal £2,335!

In 2022, building on her previous achievements, Jasmine aimed to push herself even further. Inspired by her favourite quote, “Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains”, Jasmine decided to climb Mount Snowdon. Despite encountering severe weather conditions, Jasmine and her mum, Abbey, embarked on their climb at 07:30am.

On Jasmine’s Snowdon climb, her mum, Abbey, said:

As we ascended, the visibility lessened, the rain turned to hail, and then the hail turned to snow and ice. Determined not to give up, Jasmine found some inner strength and persevered to reach the Summit—receiving a round of applause and even donations from fellow hikers. As a mother and someone who has experienced mental health difficulties, I actively encourage open and honest conversations with my children where they can discuss their positive and negative feelings. Jasmine cares and empathises with her friends and 'doesn’t want anyone ever to be sad'. Abbey, Jasmine's mum
I am an advocate of early intervention. Through our discussions and fundraising activities, Jasmine understands the importance of speaking out about her feelings and encouraging others to do the same. With children spending the most of their day in education, it is vital they feel safe and comfortable to have these conversations within their school environment and that they are adequately supported when they do. This is what makes the work that Place2Be do so important to us. Abbey, Jasmine's mum

Jasmine’s advice to anyone struggling with their mental health

  • Talk – to your parents, family, friends, teachers, or anybody you feel comfortable talking to and SHARE your feelings. 
  • Do something you enjoy, crafting, a jigsaw, a game, or seeing some friends. 
  • Go for a walk and keep active, fresh air is very good for you.
  • Never give up! 

Jasmine’s tips for other children who’d like to take on a big challenge like this

  • Decide what you would like to do. Giving your time up for an event, no matter how big or small, is a massive achievement.  
  • Get a grown-up involved to help with the important bits like supplies, weather, keeping safe and how you’ll get there. 
  • Tell your school, the local newspaper and all the clubs you attend outside school. 
  • Tell everybody about what you are doing and why it is important – have your sponsorship forms or fundraising page handy. 
  • Remember to HAVE FUN and congratulate yourself on deciding to help other people.

Throughout the last three years, Jasmine has inspired us all and shown how children can have a hugely positive impact on the world around them. Through her phenomenal fundraising, she has raised a total of £3,840 for Place2Be. This could allow over 240 children to book their own appointments to speak to a mental health professional about things they might be struggling with.

Does Jasmine's story inspire you?

Supporters like Jasmine help make a real difference to children's and young people's mental health. If her story inspires you and you want to find out how to follow in her footsteps and support Place2Be, download our fundraising pack today.

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