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Hayden's fundraising skip-a-thon story

Hayden's fundraising skip-a-thon story

Meet Hayden, a 10-year-old boy, who organised a skip-a-thon at his school earlier this year during Children’s Mental Health Week. 

Motivated by children's wellbeing, Hayden wanted to raise a money to make a difference to other children.

Hayden’s school had supported Place2Be by organising a ‘Dress to Express’ fundraiser. Inspired by this, Hayden did his own research into Place2Be. He decided he would also like to raise money in support of children’s and young people’s mental health.

Hayden had an ambitious goal in mind: 100 skips per day, each day of the week, to raise £100! His skip-a-thon soon drew the attention of his classmates, and within no time, he had two school friends helping him. This amazing dedication and enthusiasm led to an unbelievable achievement of a total of 11,000 skips!

Hayden and his friends’ fabulous fundraising raised a whopping £240, which could pay for over four one-to-one sessions between a child with trauma and a counsellor.

As his mum, I am so extremely proud of what he has achieved, and how it has really helped towards his own mental health and helping others. Not only I, but our friends and family, and Hayden’s teachers and school are also very proud of his huge achievement. The impact that this has had is huge. Claire, Hayden's mum

Hayden’s brilliant skip-a-thon demonstrated how a young person’s passion can create positive change and make a meaningful impact on children’s mental health.

Thank you, Hayden!

Does Hayden's story inspire you?

Supporters like Hayden help make a real difference to children's and young people's mental health. If his story inspires you and you want to find out how to follow in his footsteps and support Place2Be, download our fundraising pack today.

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