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Alba's story

Alba's story

Seven-year-old Alba will be kick-starting 2022 by walking 500,000 steps to raise money for Place2Be. Alba shares her story and advice for anyone considering taking on their own fundraising challenge.

Tell us about the fundraising challenge you took on or will be taking on – how is it going?

"I am going to be walking 500,000 steps in February! I'll go out each day on many adventures and track my steps on my smartwatch. I have yet to start, but I've got lots of support from my followers and local businesses sponsoring me. I have filled my donation pot with over £350 already!"

What made you decide to fundraise for Place2Be?

"I chose Place2Be because I'm so impressed with the work they do within schools and the community to help children and young people with their mental health and also that they help teach teachers and grownups learn about children's mental health, which is really cool and super important."

I really want to support Place2Be so they can help children and their mental health.

Why do you think supporting young people's mental health is important?

"​Because I am a young person, and I get a lot of support from my mum and dad and lots of people for my mental health. I want other children to have that same support."

Alba wearing a Place2Be t-shirt and holding Place2Be flags

Is there any advice you may give to a young person struggling with their mental health?

"I'd tell them to breathe in big, take a deep breath, and try to regulate their feelings. I'd advise them to share their feelings and write them down or share them with their worry monster.

What advice would you give anyone taking on a challenge like this, and do you have any fundraising tips?

"Start by picking a charity. Do your research and find one that's important to you. Then choose your donation goal and what you want to do to raise money. What are you good at doing? Connect with the charity and tell them what you are planning on doing. Oh, and don't forget to have lots of fun!"


Inspired by Alba's story?

Supporters like Alba help make a real difference to children's and young people's mental health. If her story inspires you and you want to find out how you can follow in all 500,000 of her footsteps and support Place2Be, learn more about how you can do your own thing.