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Government confirms Green Paper plans as part of ambition to transform children and young people’s mental health


Following a consultation, the Department of Health and Social Care and the Department of Education have confirmed they will be taking forward the ideas proposed in the Green Paper published in December 2017.

Proposals being taken forward include: 

  • A new NHS mental health workforce dedicated to supporting children in schools and colleges
  • Designated senior leads for mental health in schools and colleges
  • ‘Trailblazer’ areas across the country to test how teams can work with other services and how they can accelerate the wider transformation of mental health care for children and young people

The consultation will also commit to piloting four-week waiting times for access to specialist NHS children and young people’s mental health services. These pilots will test the feasibility of these types of waiting times, as well as looking at different models, service types and settings in which this could work.

This follows plans announced by the Education Secretary to make sure all schools teach children about good physical and mental health. The draft guidance will bring new compulsory health education into the curriculum for the first time from 2020.

Catherine Roche, Chief Executive of children’s mental health charity Place2Be said:

“We welcome the Government’s commitment to improving children and young people’s mental health, investment in the Mental Health workforce and recognition of the crucial role of schools.

“School leaders and school staff are uniquely placed to promote a culture of positive mental health and spot the early signs of problems. Specialist support can be truly effective when provided in schools as part of a ‘whole school approach’. This investment in the Mental Health workforce is much needed. We look forward to working with new Mental Health Practitioners to provide timely and effective school-based mental health support for more children and young people.” 


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