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Place2Be's position on gender identity

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are integral to everything we do. Place2Be is committed to creating a fully inclusive environment where all of our community feel supported, nurtured, empowered and celebrated. Below is our position on gender identity, and the support we offer to children and young people.

Our position on gender identity

At Place2Be, we believe that all children and young people should live healthy, safe, and fulfilled lives. We understand that part of growing up and developing includes exploring one’s identity, including gender identity. For some this is an enjoyable and exciting adventure, and for some this can be challenging. Some children and young people may experience disapproval, bullying or oppression because of who they are and how they express or want to express their gender identity.

At Place2Be, we work to support all children and young people’s mental health as they work out who they are. Where appropriate, Place2Be will signpost to more specialist support and/or information. This is so that children, young people, their schools, and their families know where to find reputable resources to further explore these issues and have conversations to help them navigate any challenges they face.