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Environmental, Social and Governance policy

Environmental, Social and Governance policy

In line with Places2Be values, we are committed to our wider responsibilities as an organisation and employer and to operating sustainably and ethically across all aspects of our work.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Charter outlines our commitments to each area of ESG.


We will reduce our carbon footprint, particularly through:

  • minimising travel
  • reducing waste
  • implementing a procurement policy that supports sustainability.  


Our Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy sets out our social commitments, building on the social purpose of our work. A staff-led EDI group steers our organisation-wide commitment to EDI. You can look at our action plans and progress on our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion page


An independent board of Trustees governs Place2Be. We have five committees to advise on all aspects of our work in line with Charity Commission regulations and Code of Conduct.  

ESG is a learning journey for us. We are in the process of creating our full policy, which will bring together all current guidance under Environment, Social and Governance. The policy will include fundraising due diligence, which will make sure we work with like-minded partners who share our principles and deliver them in practice.  

Our ESG Group, consisting of staff from across the organisation voluntarily, meet quarterly to keep this work on track. The work is championed and led jointly by our Director of Marketing and Communications and our Chief Financial Officer. We publish our progress and achievements in our annual review and accounts (PDF 12.13MB).