Why work with Place2Be

We offer over 20 years' experience providing a sustainable, integrated service at the heart of the school community. Our commitment to thorough research and evaluation means we fine-tune our model to meet pupils' needs.

Mental health expertise

School staff have on-site access to trained mental health professionals who can offer expert advice and consultation.


Our school-based counselling services enable us to support pupils with emotional and behavioural problems who often miss out on receiving the help they need from statutory services. 

At the heart of the school community

Our non-stigmatised service supports children, parents, teachers and school staff with an integrated approach that ensures Place2Be becomes a trusted part of the school and the wider community.

We work closely with senior staff in schools to help them to identify their most vulnerable children, and to enable those children to get the therapeutic support that they need. 

Full menu of services

Our flexible model can be tailored to meet the needs of any school. Read more about how we work. 

Proven impact

We have a clinical model of excellence devised through over 20 years' experience providing counselling for children in schools, and robust research into early intervention.

Our cost-effective services are closely monitored and evaluated in every school we work in, allowing schools to see positive results that contribute to achievement of inspection targets.

Read more about our impact 


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    We improve children's social skills, confidence and learning potential

    Impact summary
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Michael's story

Michael was struggling with the transition from primary to secondary school

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