Jasmine, a Year 7 girl was referred for one-to-one counselling because she was refusing to attend school.

Jasmine started her counselling be using the Place2Be room as a safe space to calm down when she arrived at school. Here, she expressed extreme anxiety and paranoia about her friendships, and separation from her mother. Talking to her mother revealed that she too suffered from low self-esteem and severe anxiety. She was referred to a Parent Support Partner, where she received practical and emotional support to empower her to help and reassure her daughter.

 The counsellor began by listening and accepting her anxieties without criticism, building a strong therapeutic relationship and allowing her to gain confidence. Slowly, the counsellor began to gently challenge these thoughts and, gradually the girl began to see things in a different way and to believe in herself.

After a year of support from her Place2Be counsellor, the girl now happily attends school each day. With her new found confidence, she stopped being brought in by her mum and now comes independently with a new group of friends.


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