Our model

Place2Be offers a flexible menu of services, tailored to meet schools' needs. The typical model is based on a team of five or more Place2Be personnel (both clinical staff and highly skilled Counsellors on Placement) delivering a range of services in a school.

Each school has a Place2Be Project Manager, an experienced clinician who oversees service delivery and assessment and works in close partnership with Head teachers and their school teams. 

Services include:


Place2Be follows schools' child protection procedures, and works closely with the leadership team in a school, to ensure that safeguarding issues are responded to appropriately and quickly.

For children

One-to-one counselling

Our weekly one-to-one sessions provide support to children who have a sustained need for more intense work. Trained counsellors tailor sessions according to each child's needs, in an age-appropriate way. For younger children our therapeutic approach encourages children to express themselves in non-verbal ways, for example through artwork or play.

Children can refer themselves or be referred by a parent or carer, a teacher or another agency.

Parents reported an improvement in wellbeing for 81% of children who received Place2Be counselling.

Place2Talk slip_200px.jpgLunchtime self-referral service - Place2Talk

Place2Be's lunchtime service is a quiet place to talk and play during the busy school day. It has a permanent presence in schools and is open to all pupils through self-referral. This helps children understand Place2Be's role in a school, and allows the Place2Be team to identify children who need more in-depth support.

In 2017/18, 36% of children in Place2Be primary schools used the service, and 68% of this group visited more than once.

Group work

Place2Be can offer whole class work on particular issues such as friendship, self-esteem, concentration, confidence and bullying. 

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For parents and carers

Through counselling and support services, Place2Be can help families and carers:

  • Become more at ease in their parenting roles
  • Develop more self-confidence
  • Develop positive relationships with their children 

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For school staff


Teachers and school staff are offered consultation to develop practical approaches that enable them to support children more effectively.


Place2Be offers a wide range of specialist courses on children's wellbeing.


Advice and support to protect children 

Contact us

Please contact our School Partnerships Manager by completing our enquiries form to see how Place2Be could support your school.

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Craig's story

Craig's teacher referred him to Place2Be because he was always involved in fights in the playground

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