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When George was 8, his dad was diagnosed with a fatal disease which made him confused and aggressive. Place2Be helped George to cope using art - and continued to provide one-to-one counselling for him and his mum when his dad died.

When George was 8. his dad Derek began to change, getting lost easily and picking George up from school at the wrong times. George’s mum Katie thought he was just stressed, but then he started to get paranoid and forget who people were.

Once, Derek got aggressive with a family member he didn’t recognise, forcing them to leave the house. Doctors eventually diagnosed Derek with a fatal disease, which would continue to affect his behaviour. Katie realised that she could no longer leave him with Derek.

While this was happening, George was getting into trouble at school for playing roughly with other kids. Luckily, there was a teacher there who knew that this behaviour was out of character and recommended Place2Be.  

After chatting to Place2Be’s School Project Manager, Katie jumped at the chance to have Parent Counselling. The weekly sessions became a space for her to let out all her worries.

At the same time, George began booking his own chats with the School Project Manager, sometimes taking friends with him, and then moved onto one-to-one counselling when he felt ready. George loved art and really appreciated the opportunity to get creative.

Half a year after his diagnosis, Derek passed away. It was a really hard time for Katie and George, but Place2Be continued to support them, keeping their doors open and extending the parent counselling beyond the funeral.

George is at secondary school now and things are still difficult, but Place2Be is there too so Katie knows he has somewhere to go if he struggles again. Katie was inspired by her Parent Counsellor to retrain as a therapist and hopes to go full time one day. Sometimes, George and Katie like to look back over all the art he made with Place2Be and smile together.


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