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We recruit over 1,000 Volunteer Counsellors who are qualified or trainee counsellors to help us to deliver our services in schools. We are also supported by volunteers in other ways, who share their professional skills and help us with fundraising, administration and to raise our profile.


  • Volunteer Counselling Placements

    Place2Be offer counselling placements for trainee and qualified counsellors or therapists, across the UK.

  • Other volunteer roles

    Place2Be's service is delivered in schools by Volunteer Counsellors who are studying counselling or already qualified. However, non-clinical volunteers support our services in a variety of other ways - particularly through sharing professional skills, helping organise fundraising events and providing extra administrative support. 



We have a growing community of past and present volunteers who share their stories with each other. We regularly update our alumni with new job and training opportunities.

Please email us if you would like to recieve email updates for Place2Be.

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Small change makes a big difference

  • £7Could support a child's
    drop-in session
  • £20Could support a
    parent with one-to-one
  • £95Could provide our
    whole school
    to a child for a year

Craig's story

Craig's teacher referred him to Place2Be because he was always involved in fights in the playground