Leave a gift in your will

We are determined to make the future brighter. A small percentage left
in your will can make a big difference to our work and the lives of
the thousands of vulnerable children and families.

Pass on something wonderful

Place2Be rely on gifts in Wills from supporters like you. Leaving a gift in your Will is actually easier than you might think: it’s not complicated or something only the rich and famous do.

After taking care of your family and friends, even a small amount can make a huge impact. A gift in your Will could help us to reach more children struggling with mental health issues for generations to come.

How do I go about leaving a gift in my will?

You can create your will online for free with our partner Bequeathed. If you want legal advice, they’ll connect you to a solicitor who'll give you a price to help you complete your will. Create your will with Bequeathed >>

For further guidance on how to make a gift in your will, have a look at our guide >>

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If on the other hand you would like to meet with a solicitor to make your will, please visit the Remember a Charity website who will be able to direct you to a solicitor in your local area. Place2Be is a member of Remember a Charity and their website is full of useful information. Alternatively you can find a list of local solicitors on the Law Society website.

To ensure any gift you make in your Will reaches Place2Be please ensure you use the following wording:  

I leave [……………] to Place2Be, 175 St John Street, London EC1V 4LW, registered charity numbers 1040756 and SC038649.

What ever you decide please let us know by completing our Legacy Pledge form. That way we can plan ahead. Rest assured that all information will be treated as highly confidential. 

If you already have a Will but would like to make amends to it, please download our Codicil.

How do I get more information?

Have a look at our Legacy FAQs >>
Have a look at our Legacy Glossary of Terms >>

For more information and to ask any questions please contact our legacy team on legacies@place2be.org.uk or phone 020 7923 5593.

Please rest assured that your details are strictly confidential. But if you would like to tell us what motivated you to give in this way, we would love to hear from you too. Please have a look at our Legacy Charter.

Craig's story

Craig's teacher referred him to Place2Be because he was always involved in fights in the playground

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