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Help children like Rosie – donate and double your impact

Help children like Rosie – donate and double your impact

Will you make a donation to help give more children like Rosie expert support when they need it most? 

Donate from 14-28 May and double your donation.

Thanks to the support of the Big Give Trust, you can donate from 14-28 May and your donation will be doubled. Make twice the impact on children and young people like Rosie and help us provide vital mental health support in schools.

Donate today and double your impact

A young girl in red school uniform sitting on a bench outside her school, looking into the camera.

Meet Rosie

Rosie had to move house a couple of times in a short period because of tensions and difficulties within her family. All that uncertainty made 10-year-old Rosie feel stressed and unhappy, causing her to lash out at her mother in anger.

At primary school, Rosie became quiet and withdrawn – she was clearly really struggling but couldn’t find the words to express how she was feeling. Concerned for her wellbeing at home and at school, Rosie’s teacher referred her to Place2Be for one-to-one counselling.

During her first session, Rosie found it difficult to open up to her Place2Be counsellor. Together, they worked at building trust and bonding through drawing and games, and gradually Rosie felt safer.

Culture Of Wellbeing

Will you make a donation today to make twice the impact?

You can help give more young people like Rosie the skilled professional support they need.

If you donate from 14-28 May, your donation will double thanks to the support of the Big Give Trust.

Donate today and double your impact

Why we need your help

Children and young people in the UK have a growing need for professional mental health support.

Did you know that over 400,000 children are waiting for NHS mental health support? With so many children in need of help, your support for Place2Be has never been more important.

Thanks to your kindness, we work to support children like Rosie with the resilience and coping skills they need.

How counselling works

Place2Be provides one-to-one counselling for children and young people like Rosie. Counselling provides a safe space for a child or young person to talk about their experiences, feelings and emotions with a mental health professional.

Our qualified counsellors tailor sessions for each child’s age, needs and likes.

The impact of counselling

When Rosie first started counselling sessions, she was in a state of crisis. Her emotional wellbeing improved throughout the sessions because she felt seen and knew she could talk about her feelings.

A girl in red uniform, sitting opposite her Place2Be counsellor, smiling whilst talking.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, as many children and young people as possible can get one-to-one sessions from Place2Be counsellors. Your kindness helps to transform young lives for the better. In 2023:

  • nearly 7,000 children had one-to-one counselling with Place2Be.
  • we reached over 300,000 children and young people in more than 500 partner schools
  • 76% of pupils with severe difficulties showed an improvement in their mental health after one-to-one counselling.

Donate today and double your impact

Will you donate to help more children like Rosie?

Donate this week and your valuable donation will be doubled! Your donation will go directly to helping children and young people get expert support.

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could pay for a drop-in counselling session where children can refer themselves to see a mental health professional.

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could pay for a child like Rosie to share their thoughts and feelings in a one-to-one counselling session.

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could support two children like Rosie to attend their first one-to-one counselling session to get the support they need.

What is the Big Give?

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Big Give offer matched funded campaigns, like Kind2Mind 2024, which allows you to make double the difference for a cause you care about.

When you donate, they ask larger funders to match your donation. This means your donation has double the impact, with no extra cost to you.

Find out more on the BigGive website

Support With Low Level Concerns

Make a donation and have twice the impact

When children and young people like Rosie are struggling and in crisis, they need professional support.

If you donate before 28 May, your donation will double thanks to the support of the Big Give Trust.

Donate today and double your impact