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My 8-year-old lost her confidence when we moved house


After moving house and changing schools, 8-year-old Charlotte went from being confident and happy to insecure and not herself. Her mum explains what happened when she started seeing Place2Be…

“I first heard about a Place2Be from my older child, 10-year-old Katie. She had expressed to me that it was a good place for her to go and talk about some of the things that were bothering her including being able to resolve disputes with other children.

We had moved from one area to another and although Katie and her 8-year-old sister Charlotte really wanted to stay at their previous school, this was not logistically possible. They both really struggled to settle into their new school but Charlotte visibly struggled more. She would cry when I had to leave her in the morning, attempted to walk out of school and struggled to make friends.

This also affected her school work - she went from being a really confident, happy child to being quite insecure about her ability and generally disinterested in anything school-related.

Charlotte’s worries and disinterest in school work really worried me. Although she was on target and reaching her milestones, I felt she needed some emotional support to help her with both the change in schools and changes at home, namely the fact that I had separated from her father. She was put forward as a child who could benefit from Place2Be.

My first meeting with the Place2Be School Project Manager was really positive and encouraging and confirmed to me that this would be a really good intervention for my daughter. He went through what the service is, the different ways in which they engage with children and parents and answered all the questions I had.

Charlotte then started her one-to-one support with her counsellor and throughout the process I had real access to the School Project Manager who kept me up to date about her progress (whilst being completely professional and maintaining confidentiality about the sessions).

Very quickly I began to notice a real change in my daughter; she seemed so much happier and engaged with her school work. I had a really pleasant parent’s evening meeting with her teacher who told me that she was on target for everything. She has made some really positive secure friendships which put my mind at ease because I know she is a sociable child who is capable of doing so.

When I asked Charlotte if she’d like to tell me about her one to one sessions, she said “it’s a secret” with a smile and I knew then that the sessions were meeting her emotional needs.

As the sessions were ending, I could see that Charlotte was feeling a little upset about it so I had a chat with her and I know the School Project Manager did as well to reassure her, and she took it very well.

He went through the process with me and told me that I could contact him about Charlotte at any point even though her one to one sessions with Place2Be had come to an end. She was very proud to bring her box with her from her time at Place2Be, which she had filled with all the art she made during sessions, and has expressed interest in going to the lunch time drop in also run by Place2Be. 

I have since become a parent governor at my daughter’s school and I am committed to ensuring that other children who need emotional support for whatever reason are able to get that support in the school through Place2Be. It certainly worked for my daughter and our family as a whole.

I told my daughter I was writing this and she wanted thank her counsellor and the School Project Manager.”


This blog was written in a personal capacity and does not necessarily reflect the view of the organisation.

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