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Place2Think mental health consultations

Place2Think mental health consultations

Place2Think gives those working with children and young people the tools they need to strengthen mental wellbeing for themselves and their communities.

Our Place2Think programme offers a series of consultation sessions to groups and individuals across the UK who work with children and young people. Based on a clinical supervision model used across the mental health profession, the programme aims to support, sustain and reduce the risks of secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, stress-related absence, and burnout.

Consultation sessions are run by expert Place2Be clinicians. Our clinicians have lots of experience working with children, young people and staff in school and community settings. Sessions provide a safe, confidential space where you can:

  • share challenges faced in your roles
  • process the emotional impact of working with children and young people with mental health issues
  • learn the importance of building relationships for emotional wellbeing
  • support your own mental health
  • learn how to work more effectively with your community
  • build a peer support network, reducing potential isolation.

Place2Think incorporates reflective practice where you'll be encouraged to reflect on both positive experiences and challenges you face in your role. Reflective practice will also help you identify ways to better connect with children and young people you work with.

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The benefits of Place2Think

Our Place2Think programme offers lots of benefits for you, your wider communities and the children and young people you work with, including an improved understanding of:

  • the mental health needs of children and young people and how it relates to their behaviour
  • the psychological impact of working with children and young people's mental health needs
  • how to build an effective and supportive working relationship with children, young people, parents, and carers
  • how to build capacity for your own mental health and your community.

Place2Think sessions have already been well-received by hundreds of school and community-based staff. Join them in developing the skills and knowledge you need to improve the mental wellbeing of your community.

Place2Think has been life-changing for me. I am able to support children to better cope with their mental health. My own mental health has also benefitted hugely. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Place2Think participant

Who is Place2Think for?

We believe no child or young person should face mental health problems alone. Our Place2Think programme is there to help those working with children and young people to achieve this. Before Place2Think sessions, staff are offered our online Mental Health Champions - Foundaton programme. We offer our Place2Think programme to:

  • school communities
  • youth workers
  • those working with care-experienced children and young people
  • others working with children and young people in a professional environment.

Any staff member in a school community can attend Place2Think sessions, including teachers, learning support assistants, pastoral leads and senior leaders.

Join Place2Think

Joining Place2Think and engaging in reflective practice conversations will support you to be your best self in your role at school.

You will find a professional and supportive space where you can be yourself, reflect on the positive and challenging aspects of your role through reflective conversational practice and build and maintain your emotional health and wellbeing.

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