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Mental Health Champions - Foundation Programme FAQs

Mental Health Champions - Foundation Programme FAQs



Who is the programme for?

This programme is free for UK qualified teachers and classroom-based staff in open groups. To be eligible for the funded programme, you need to have UK QTS, be an NQT or have a permanent role in a school.

We have similar programmes for Teacher Training providers and Youth Workers – please enquire here for more information on those.

Am I eligible?

If you have a permanent role in school OR are a Newly Qualified Teacher OR are a Qualified Teacher you are eligible for this programme, this is inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • Teaching assistants and learning support assistants
  • Supply teachers – please use your agency address
  • NQTs or QTs not currently working in school – please use the address of the school you worked in most recently in the school address field.
  • EYPs or Teachers of Infant and nursery aged children – although the content is aimed largely at Key Stage 1-4 (P2-S4 in Scotland) practitioners.
  • Teachers with a PGCE in Further Education – although the content is aimed largely at Key Stage 1-4 (P2-S4 in Scotland) practitioners.
  • School Nurses

You are unfortunately not eligible if you or your school are not in the UK.

Can my organisation have its own group?

Absolutely. We can run private groups for a fee. For more information please contact us at mhc@place2be.org.uk.

What are the timings for the course?

The course is entirely online, and you will be able to access it whenever it is suitable for you, up to 10 weeks from the start date. A new module is released every week and requires around 1–1.5 hours, depending on pre-existing knowledge, ease of technology use, or personal interest.

How many people from my school can sign up?

As many as want to!

I haven’t received details of registration yet

You will receive details of how to access the course by the end of the day on the start date. If you have not heard by then please check your spam inbox, and if the email is not there contact us on mhc@place2be.org.uk.

Can I register everyone in my school together?

We recommend that all staff are encouraged to register themselves as we find this leads to greater engagement with the programme, as opposed to a bulk upload.

We have deliberately kept the sign-up process as quick and straightforward as possible. Please encourage your colleagues to sign up on the Mental Health Champions – Foundation programme webpage.

I want to change the date I signed up for

You can access your course at any time that is convenient to you from 10 weeks from the start date so it may not be necessary for you to change your date if there is a particular day/week you are busy on.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the date of your course on your behalf, therefore if you do want to make a change you will have to register again on our website for an available course. Please let us know once you’ve done this by emailing mhc@place2be.org.uk.


I’ve done Mental Health First Aid, should I sign up?

Even if you have done some training in Mental Health awareness, this course is a good refresher and may contain new information, or present information in a new way.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, if you complete all modules you will be able to claim your certificate

I’ve signed up but can’t register

For all registration issues please email our partners at Hive Learning: help@hivelearning.com