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Your Place2Be Family Practitioner

Your Place2Be Family Practitioner

Each primary school supported by Place2Be has a dedicated Family Practitioner who can offer specialist advice for parents and carers and signpost to other local support services.

Your Family Practitioner will work in partnership with you to help:

  • strengthen your family relationships
  • build on your confidence and skills, especially with managing behaviour of concern.

Your child does not have to be receiving support from Place2Be to access our Family Practitioner. service

If you would like to speak with your school's Place2Be Family Practitioner, please contact your member of Place2Be's school-based staff.

Personalised Individual Parenting Training (PIPT)

Family Practitioners can offer Personalised Individual Parenting Training (PIPT) for parents and carers looking for specialist support in building on their parenting skills and managing behaviour of concern better.

Following a thorough assessment to ensure this is right for you, we can offer you 6-10 sessions, along with your child, during which you can learn new skills with the support of a trained therapist and then go home and practice.

You know your child best. PIPT's collaborative process allows you to use your knowledge about your child to build on things you are already doing well. Family Practitioners will teach you crucial skills to help you understand and manage your children's behaviour more effectively.

This hands-on, practical training can have positive effects. Usually, PIPT results in rapid changes in the relationship between parents and carers and their children.

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