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Lily's Appeal

Lily's Appeal

After a year like no other, mental health support in schools has never been more critical. 

85%* of the young people we support have been negatively affected by the pandemic.

A gift of £7 could help us reach a vulnerable child.


Will you stand by children like Lily when they are feeling anxious and alone? 

10-year-old Lily is one child who craves normality and stability more than most. After losing her mum a few years ago, Lily’s mental health took a turn for the worse. To make things harder, she and her dad struggle financially, and Lily often comes into school without proper uniform. 

Lily saw school as her refuge: a place where she could concentrate on her studies and thrive within a daily routine. A place where food and professional support were readily available.  

Now that Lily is back at school, it is crucial that she continues to receive emotional support to help her adjust. 

Will you help us support as many children, young people and families as possible during this very unsettling time? 

We see children who have experienced loss, bereavement, financial hardship. They may have witnessed substance abuse or domestic violence. Whatever the issue, Place2Be supporters can be there to help children, parents and teachers. 

Thank you for showing children and young people that their emotional wellbeing matters. 



* Place2Be conducted an online survey of 88 of our frontline school-based staff in August. Their responses reflect the experiences of 857 young people.