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What is the M-PACT Plus Project?

M-PACT Plus is a joint project between Place2Be and Action on Addiction which involves training school staff to identify children affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse and supporting them through an eight week programme delivered in schools by Action on Addiction trained Place2Be practitioners who are also trained therapists. The project is funded by The Royal Foundation and Comic Relief.

How does it work?

M-PACT Plus is an eight week intervention designed for families who are currently, or have been, affected by parental or carer substance misuse with children aged 8-17.

It brings the groups of families together once a week to work with trained practitioners on activities designed to help improve communication and resilience. It helps them to understand the impact that addiction has on their family lives and develop positive coping strategies.

It helps children to see that they are not alone and that their voice is important while strengthening family bonds and supporting families to put in place practical measures to avoid further harm. Those families requiring longer term assistance beyond the eight week intervention will be referred either on to specialist support services, or back to Place2Be in their school or to our Parent Counsellors for on-going support.

What is the need for this programme?

There are estimated to be 3 million children living in households affected by parental alcohol and/ or drug misuse in the UK. 30% of children under 16 live with a binge drinking parent. (Source)

What has M-PACT Plus achieved?

During the last year, Place2Be and Action on Addiction have tested the M-PACT concept to establish how it can be delivered within a school context to make the greatest difference to children and families. Both Place2Be and school staff have been trained by Action on Addiction to identify children affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse and initiate conversations with parents around these sensitive issues. This in turn is enabling families to start accessing the support that is then made available. The pilot is running in schools in four areas of England: Manchester and Salford; the North East (Durham, Sunderland and Northumberland); London; and Essex and is already being evaluated to inform future, larger scale delivery of M-PACT Plus across the UK. The initial pilot will see a rolling programme of intervention until June 2015.

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How can I find out more?

For more information please contact the M-PACT Plus Project Coordinator or your Place2Be School Project Manager.

Tel: 020 7923 5538

The project is being funded by The Royal Foundation and Comic Relief.