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Supporting schools

Place2Be works with over 600 schools across the UK. We offer a menu of services for primary and secondary schools, providing support for children and young people as well as parents, teachers and school staff. 

  • Our model

    Place2Be offers a flexible menu of services, tailored to meet schools' needs. The typical model is based on a team of five or more Place2Be personnel (both clinical staff and highly skilled Counsellors on Placement) delivering a range of services in a school.

  • Primary schools

    We work with children in primary schools at a vital stage of their development. We offer them support to cope with emotional and behavioural difficulties which has a positive impact on the whole class, and helps teachers focus on teaching. We also offer support for school staff and parents.

  • Secondary schools

    Transition to secondary school can be challenging for some young people, while others may struggle to cope with specific life events or experience increased stress and anxiety during adolescence.

  • The Art Room

    The Art Room is a Place2Be service which uses a unique approach to support children who are facing emotional difficulties. Through art-making and group work, children are able to explore their feelings, express themselves and grow in confidence in a safe, creative space. 

  • Why work with Place2Be

    We offer over 20 years' experience providing a sustainable, integrated service at the heart of the school community. Our commitment to thorough research and evaluation means we fine-tune our model to meet pupils' needs.

  • Pupil premium

    Many of the schools that Place2Be work in use the pupil premium to fund Place2Be's in-school therapeutic services, given the impact that our services have on classroom behaviour and attitudes to learning.

St Christopher's Primary School

St Christopher's became a Place2Be school because they had large numbers of children with difficult home lives

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