Mias Story


After going into care, 7 year-old Mia struggled in class, argued with other children and didn't follow her teacher's instructions. With the help of a Place2Be Counsellor, Mia learned to use art and play to explore her mixed feelings about her mother.

As told by her Headteacher

“We have a Looked After* child who has been with Place2Be since being removed from her mother and siblings. Place2Be was a crucial support for her at this time. Mia, aged seven, was the eldest of fi ve children, four of whom were placed with foster families because their mother was unable to look after them.

“She became subdued at times, would not communicate her thoughts and feelings and behaved in a disruptive manner. There were reports of Mia arguing with other children, not following her teacher’s instructions. Mia was not succeeding in her learning. She was defi ant to her carers, had low self-esteem and was at times very sad. She was very confused in her thoughts and words and felt she should be loyal to her mother, and therefore also seemed to feel guilty.

“Mia’s class teacher was concerned that Mia had disengaged from learning and her relationships with other children had disintegrated.

“When Mia was allocated her Place2Be Counsellor it was obvious that she immediately connected with him. Mia spent time in the Place2Be room using art and play to explore her feelings. Her Counsellor would also ensure that when possible Mia had her lunch with her brother who she only saw
at sibling contact time occasionally.

“Mia was able to share her worries and particularly her feelings of having let down her mother by being with her carer. Following the counselling, it was obvious to see that Mia had become a much happier child. She was more cooperative in the classroom, and the Pastoral Lead at Mia’s school said: ‘Mia is a much happier child because of Place2Be; she has the skills and tools to express herself and now has more friends in school.’”

*Children become Looked After when they are placed in foster care, placed with other family members (‘kinship care’) or in residential care

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St Christopher's Primary School

St Christopher's became a Place2Be school because they had large numbers of children with difficult home lives