Macy, a 10 year old girl referred to Place2Be was described by teaching staff as a very quiet, sad, withdrawn little girl, almost lacking emotion. Place2Be's School Project Manager met with her parent to gain information regarding Macy's past and current experiences.

It was apparent that Macy was struggling to cope with her parents' separation. The separation had been very visible to the children and their father had verbally blamed the children for not seeing him. This was very difficult for a 10 year old girl to comprehend, so Macy potentially carried this blame and withdrew from her classmates. Macy is beginning to explore her confused feelings towards her dad through the art making process, often depicting devils. She also regularly uses fantasy in the sessions as a way of coping. Her teacher has reported that Macy seems much more settled and has made a friend in her class.

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A Class Teacher's story

Carmel was really worried about John, one of the boys in her class who was very disruptive