Lara, a 12 year old girl used a series of pictures to develop her own story and express her feelings. Her pictures were metaphors told through favourite TV series' characters with themes of strength and heroes.

Lara had been referred with a history of domestic violence in the family, low self-esteem and depression. Her stories seemed to empower her and one week she said, "Every picture tells a story." At a later stage in her counselling she was more able to speak of her feelings directly, particularly of anger. She wanted to be like one of her favourite animal characters, linking this to her hidden anger and feeling unnoticed. She said that in the Place2Be room she is not angry, as it is "my world". She was enabled to express anger at times in a way that she seemed to feel was manageable and accepted in her "world" of the session. On the last session before the summer break she stood and looked around the room slowly taking everything in and said, "I'm really going to miss Place2Be."

Small change makes a big difference

  • £7Could support a child's
    drop-in session
  • £20Could support a
    parent with one-to-one
  • £95Could provide our
    whole school
    to a child for a year

A Volunteer Counsellor's story

Nisha's youngest child had started school and she was interested in a new career with children