At home, six-year-old Brandon was either clingy or violent. Brandon reminded his mum of his dad, who had physically abused her.

Mum and dad separated and dad was in prison for a violent crime. Mum felt guilty admitted that she did not want to be with her son.

Described by his teacher as 'sad and grumpy', Brandon was withdrawn, had trouble concentrating and tormented his classmates.

Before starting one-to-one counselling, his Place2Be assessment scores showed he was at risk of becoming extremely isolated both at home and at school.

Brandon responded well to the warmth, playfulness and acceptance shown by his counsellor during weekly sessions over the school year. He talked about his dad and what it would be like when he got out of prison.

Brandon's mum also received support from Place2Be. She openly displays affection towards her son whose behaviour has improved at home.

The Head Teacher reports that Brandon laughs and jokes with friends and beamed when invited to speak at assembly. He has moved up one full level in Reading, Writing and Maths.

His mum says, 'I can't believe the change; he is like a different boy.' 


Small change makes a big difference

  • £7Could support a child's
    drop-in session
  • £20Could support a
    parent with one-to-one
  • £95Could provide our
    whole school
    to a child for a year

A parent's story

After leaving her abusive husband, Marcia was finding it hard to cope. She was offered counselling sessions with Place2Be at her daughter's school