Mental Health Champions - School Leader

Supporting School Leaders to bring about strategic change to create 'mentally healthy' schools

Place2Be's 'Mental Health Champions' Programme draws on over 20 years' direct experience of working in schools to support School Leadership Teams to take steps towards becoming 'mentally healthy' school communities.

Through a series of training workshops and consultation sessions, participants will:

Build their capability, confidence, and capacity to understand and respond to the mental health needs within their school community

Undertake a school-based audit of existing activity relating to mental health and emotional wellbeing 

Identify priority areas for improvement and formulate a plan for achieving this 

Develop effective communications with statutory CAMHS and lead on making effective referrals

Consider ways that wider staff teams can be empowered to advocate for children's mental health

Programme structure:

Four full-day training sessions for two members of staff and two consultation sessions (for up to 6 members of staff) held over at least two academic terms.

Training Sessions:

1. Creating a Strategic Approach: Developing your school mental health approach, exploring school ethos and the language of mental health in the school.

2. Creating Systems of Support: Universal child development and attachment theories inform an investigation of how best to support the mental health needs of children across the school.

3. Creating systems of Support: Assessment and evaluation processes for targeted mental health provision are examined in tandem with support for staff mental health.

4. Creating Bridges - External Agencies and Parents Focus: commissioning and integrating school-based mental health services, building relationships with parents and specialist CAMHS.

Training workshops are underpinned by personalised consultation sessions with a Place2Be practitioner. These allow participants to focus on themes relevant to the developing mental health strategy of their own school, for example: exploring individual cases; enhancing staff wellbeing; developing systems of assessment. Participants are also provided with a dedicated online portal with links to resources and further reading.

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