Safeguarding Children and Young People

Duration: Flexible

All organisations and individuals working with children and young people have a responsibility to promote their welfare and keep them safe.

Workshop length can vary, depending on the needs of the organisation.

Participants will leave feeling more confident in their ability to identify and respond to any Safeguarding and or Child Protection concerns.

What it covers:

  • Defining Safeguarding and Child Protection in line with statutory guidance 
  • Looking at the the categories of child abuse and neglect and recognise the potential signs and indicators 
  • Identifying own role and responsibility with regards to Safeguarding Children/adults 
  • Knowing how to report and respond to concerns in line with organisation policy and procedure 
  • Best practice for handling a disclosure
  • Whistleblowing

Useful for:

  • Organisations whose employees work with children and young people either on a paid or voluntary basis


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