Where your money goes

Find out how much income we raised and how we spent it giving children brighter futures

For every £1 you give Place2Be

To see 1st hand where your money goes, you may wish to visit one of our school projects.


Visit out Accounts and publications page to read our full accounts.

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We need your help to continue our vital work with vulnerable children across the UK.

Our counselling services reach 105,000 children in some of the country's toughest neighbourhoods; places where poverty and deprivation challenge children's chances from the very start.


Small change makes a big difference

  • £7Could support a child's
    drop-in session
  • £20Could support a
    parent with one-to-one
  • £95Could provide our
    whole school
    to a child for a year

St Christopher's Primary School

St Christopher's became a Place2Be school because they had large numbers of children with difficult home lives