London Landmarks Half Marathon Terms & Conditions

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London Landmarks Half Marathon
29 March 2020


Thank you for registering for a charity place in London Landmarks Half Marathon and fundraising in aid of Place2Be (a registered charity in England and Wales {1040756}, Scotland {SC038649}). These Terms & Conditions apply to all voluntary fundraising activities and by registering for a Place2Be charity place you are agreeing to comply with them.

Challenge Event Participation

1. By registering for a charity place in London Landmarks Half Marathon, you pledge to fundraise for Place2Be and will do your best to raise a minimum of £350 (excluding Gift Aid) and to meet the suggested fundraising deadlines set by Place2Be.You agree to transfer all funds collected in aid of Place2Be by 24 April 2020, in accordance with the payment methods notified to you by Place2Be.
2. In order to confirm your place, you understand that you must pay an upfront registration fee of £35, which goes towards covering the cost of your place in the event. The registration fee is non-refundable, it does not contribute to your final fundraising target and cannot be rolled over to any future events. Your place is not secure until this registration fee has been paid and you have received written confirmation of your application from Place2Be.
3. You agree that you are physically capable of taking part in the event and agree to be solely responsible for your actions and agree that , save as provided elsewhere in these terms and conditions, Place2Be is not responsible for any injury or illness that you may suffer as a result of your participation in the event.
4. You accept that should any medical or physical condition arise prior to the event that is likely to affect your ability to compete, you will notify Place2Be immediately by emailing, and before the registration deadline if possible. You understand that, if you cannot take part in the event, any monies raised will be retained as a donation towards Place2Be and will not be refunded. Any offline donations collected must be forwarded to the charity. You understand that by withdrawing from the event, your place in future events is not guaranteed and may be at the discretion of Place2Be.
5. You acknowledge that places in the event are strictly limited and are subject to availability. We may refuse entry to, remove or exclude or cancel your place in the event if:
a. We receive more applications for places in the event than there are available places;
b. We consider that you are (due to physical or health reasons or otherwise) incapable of participating in the event without endangering yourself or others;
c. We consider that your participation in the Event will bring the Event, the Event Organiser or Place2Be into disrepute or otherwise damage the reputation of Place2Be, the Event or the Event Organiser;
d. You don't try your best to reach the minimum fundraising pledge within the suggested timescales as set out in clause 1 above.
6. It is your responsibility to check that you are above the minimum age to participate in the event, as specified by the event organiser, and to organise parental consent if required.
7. You take responsibility for registering to take part in the event on the online registration console (if required). Failure to do so will mean you cannot take part in the event.
8. You understand that it is your responsibility to read any terms and conditions issued by the event organisers and to comply with these.
9. You will respond to any correspondence from the Place2Be Events Team marked as ‘Urgent’ as quickly as possible.
10. Your place in the event is personal to you and you may not transfer it or any of your other rights or obligations to any other person without our prior written consent and provided that the Event Organiser consents to such transfer. We may refuse to consent to such a transfer where it is reasonable for us to do so.

Fundraising activities

11. You acknowledge that any fundraising activities you organise (e.g bake sale, quiz night) are as an independent supporter of Place2Be. It’s your responsibility to refer to raising money “in aid of” Place2Be (rather than ‘on
behalf of’).
12. You agree to act lawfully when fundraising in aid of Place2Be and comply with any instructions or guidance provided in relation to your fundraising activities.
13. You agree that it is your responsibility to organise all aspects of any fundraising activity undertaken by you and that you will be responsible for any costs, taxes, insurances or expenses incurred or arising in connection with your fundraising activities.
14. When producing any materials using the Place2Be logo, you must seek approval from the Place2Be Events Team and adhere to the house style guidelines (these can be provided on request). Our charity number must also be included.


Sponsorship Money and Donations

15. You agree to send all the funds collected or raised to Place2Be by the final fundraising deadline (specified in
clause 1) and in accordance with Place2Be’s instructions. You may not deduct any costs incurred unless
otherwise agreed with Place2Be.
16. You agree to ensure any cheques relating to your fundraising are made payable to Place2Be and sent to the Place2Be Events Team with the event name, your full name and address.
17. I will inform Place2Be as soon as possible if my circumstances change and raising my pledged fundraising amount is no longer possible.
18. You agree to encourage donors and/or sponsors to make gift aid declarations where eligible, which may enable us to recover basic rate tax on such donations.
19. You understand that if you do not do your best to reach the suggested fundraising deadlines, or if Place2Be feel you are not committed to reaching your fundraising pledge, you are at risk of losing your charity place and that Place2Be reserves the right to withdraw your charity place in these instances.
20. You agree to only fundraise for Place2Be, please do not select more than one charity on your online fundraising page.
21. You will take responsibility for the safe keeping of money raised in Place2Be’s name, both during and after the collections, until it is transferred to Place2Be.

Use of Personal Data and Consent

22. By providing your personal information when you sign up to fundraise for Place2Be, you understand that Place2Be will contact you via phone, email and any other legitimate means in order to communicate relevant event information throughout, in the lead up to and post your participation in this event.
23. You acknowledge that Place2Be will share your contact details with the event organiser in which you are taking part.
24. Your personal information may also be used for the purposes of sending communications to you where you have confirmed that you would like to receive further information about the charity’s work when signing up to fundraise for Place2Be.
25. All personal data held by us will be handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws.


26. By registering to take part in this event, you consent to Place2Be using photos, videos and quotes of you from the event day for any legitimate and promotional materials. Please contact us in advance of the event if you are unhappy with this.
27. If you provide photographs or videos taken during your fundraising activity to Place2Be, you agree that these may be used by Place2Be for commercial and/or fundraising purposes. By sending these to us, you are also confirming that anyone featuring prominently in the photograph or video is aged 16 or over, and that they have consented to their image being used in this way.


28. You acknowledge that you are fully responsible for your participation in the event and Place2Be does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage arising from the event.
29. You acknowledge that participation in this event may be physically demanding and you are aware of the nature of the event and associated medical and physical risks involved.
30. If you have a medical condition or are unsure of your physical ability to take part in the event, you must seek medical advice from a general practitioner prior to your participating in the event.
31. You accept that any risks arising out of your fundraising activities are your responsibility, including liability for any injury or loss which may occur to you, your helpers or guests. You will therefore take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of all those participating in, involved with or attending your activity.
32. You will comply with any applicable laws and regulations relating to your fundraising activity, including obtaining any necessary licenses, consents or permissions e.g. if you are holding a raffle or lottery, or are proposing to sell alcohol.
33. You acknowledge and accept that Place2Be’s insurance policy will not cover your fundraising activities
34. You will not do anything that threatens Place2Be’s reputation or name. If you do, Place2Be has the right to ask you to stop your fundraising activity immediately.

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